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PCI is Not Enough

If you Google “Heartland Payment Systems CEO auditor,” you’ll find a recent interview with said CEO, Robert Carr. Heartland is a credit card processor, and they recently got dinged because a whole lot of credit card numbers got stolen. And the CEO’s position was that the company was PCI compliant, they did everything right and the auditors were the ones who screwed up. Now, he wasn’t completely passing the buck (maybe a little bit) but he was trying to make the point to all who would hear it, and that’s this: PCI is not enough.

What to Demand From Your Company’s Anti-Spam Product: A Quick Primer

In Davos, Switzerland, in 2004, Bill Gates predicted a spam-free world in two years. That, of course, didn’t even come close to fruition, and if you consider what happened from 2006 to 2009—Gates’ predicted utopian era of squeaky-clean inboxes—you have to confront the fact that spam outbreaks actually spiked consistently every twelve months.