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One Forward, One Back: Do You Know Where That’s Been?

Paul Lavery, Director – Solutions Enablement, Supply Chain, Axway

“After 9/11, there was a lot of government action to try to secure different facets of our country, and particularly our economy and industries. I think a lot of the initial regulations that came out were sort of ad hoc in nature, and didn’t necessary include the participation of some of the industry standards groups. So what we’ve noticed lately–I would say over the last three years–is that there’s been a bigger push or an alliance that’s forming between the federal agencies like the FTC or the FCC or even the energy regulation federal agency in conjunction with their counterparts in the industry association and industry standards groups. That’s evolving to a set of formats and standards that any of the companies that are in those industries have to adhere to. So what you’re not necessarily seeing are heavy mandates coming from the government, but what you’re starting to see is more voluntary standards that are being required by some of the biggest players in those industries.”

Context and Content Awareness

“Companies are completely changing the way their ecosystems work. It used to be where big companies just worked with big companies. Somewhere right now, there is a really, really big company who is receiving great value from one of their trading partners who is a single person with a MacBook in a Starbucks somewhere. You need to find a platform that will support those things.”