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Interoperability: Takeaways from the Global GS1 Healthcare Conference 2011

Bruno Cambounet, VP Sales Operations EMEA, Healthcare Markets, Axway

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On Edward Ferrara’s Forrester blog post, “Information Security Metrics & The Balanced Scorecard”

By Joe Fisher, EVP Worldwide Marketing, Axway

Edward Ferrara of Forrester Research recently posted some great thoughts about information security metrics and what he terms “the balanced scorecard.”

The enterprise’s investment in information security over the last fifteen years has largely been driven by regulatory compliance and mandates. Leveraging balanced, metrics-based scorecards to align business activities to business strategy is a truly compelling idea, in part because one of the market trends impacting all of us centers around IT organizations and information security groups becoming more and more vital to the success of the enterprise.

We see now that simply throwing down infrastructure and plumbing, and then answering help desk calls, will no longer suffice. As more and more transactions and paper-based processes move online, today’s security tools and IT infrastructure can actually drive revenue to a business, and it’s up to security and IT teams to figure out how to leverage those interactions accordingly.

The concept of linking the information security profile (infrastructure + ecosystem), connecting securely to external communities and constituents, and putting all of that into a framework and model like a balanced scorecard, is very compelling. It’s a practice that will help align investments with the success of the business, and it will surely play a critical role as newer trends – such as cloud and mobile devices – emerge at the edge of the network.