On John Kindervag’s Forrester blog post, “Your Vertical Is . . .”

By Paul French, VP, Product & Solutions Marketing, Axway

I’m absolutely crazy about this idea. Truer words were never spoken. It’s not enough to say, “I’m a retailer, and I don’t do business like a bank.” The reality is that you do. You do a lot of things like a bank. You connect with trading partners, and you are subject to many of the same requirements. If you stop, squint, and think less about your business card and more about your business case, you’ll find that there is much to be learned by considering best practices across industries instead of just being locked into your own. At Axway, we’ve been doing just that with our customers for a long time – helping them realize that sometimes a health care company is a really effective proxy for a bank, for instance, or that a manufacturing company is a really effective proxy for a retailer. We try to align our customers more in terms of use cases and less in terms of what their “situation code” might be.