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Forty Years On, Does FTP Still Have What It Takes?

By Dave Butcher, Director Product Marketing, Axway

In our upcoming webinar, we’ll take a look back at FTP’s long career, how the protocol has improved since its launch in the early ’70s, how we’ve come to be so reliant on it, and how it’s made its way into virtually every nook and cranny of IT infrastructure and onto just about every platform.

Everyone knows that FTP is an easy way for organizations to move files around. But the protocol has always been weak on security, monitoring and visibility, and that’s a reality that hasn’t improved much over time.

After 40 years, FTP is still used in two primary ways.

The first is FTP’s widespread use in B2B environments, where it enables external-facing file transfers with business partners over the Internet. This use case generates numerous security issues, because it allows partners to come in and drop off files with little to no monitoring or traceability. At Axway, we view Managed File Transfer (MFT) as the best way to improve on that experience, making file transfers with partners more secure and visible, providing strong governance, and enabling companies to easily provision or remove partners.

The second common use of FTP is for internal, application-to-application (A2A) file transfer – for instance, where one application on one platform within the company must send data to another application on a different platform in the company. This use case often gives rise to FTP hubs within organizations, where a server becomes an island of files – a “depot” where files are picked up and dropped off by applications. Visibility and synchronization problems abound in this scenario: files get dropped off, the script misses it, the next application doesn’t receive it, and you have a disruption to daily processing with little information on where the disruption occurred.

Part of Axway’s mission is to slowly replace this paradigm, taking companies from a patchwork FTP implementation to a full MFT implementation without disrupting their business flow. In our upcoming webinar, we will illustrate how you can benefit from this mission, move on from traditional FTP, and empower your enterprise with the many business advantages of MFT technologies.

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Axway CSO Taher Elgamal Posts on “Authentication With Hardware”

Axway CSO Taher Elgamal posted a blog post on, a news and information portal that focuses on IT security. Please take a look and share your thoughts!

“More standard software stacks are needed to link the hardware authenticators to the users’ systems and, ultimately, to websites and servers so that trusted connections are better established. The Internet will likely not tolerate too many proprietary methods of authenticating users, and the likely outcome is a suite of protocols and APIs that become industry standards.”