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In the Application

By Taher Elgamal, Axway

In the Application

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Cellular Level – Inconveniencing Everyone for an Encrypted Phone

By Paul French, VP, Product & Solutions Marketing, Axway

I think the points in Barbara Krasnoff’s recent article for Computerworld are dead on, but there’s one point I’d like to take a bit further.

Krasnoff suggests that a friend’s employer – a company whose IT policies have made it impossible for her friend to use her new smartphone for business email – has made her friend’s job harder and made it “less likely that her company would be able to communicate with her as efficiently as possible.”

I submit that that’s the least of the employer’s worries!

The fact that Krasnoff’s friend is moving toward a freeware, consumer, Internet-driven corporate IT — a completely unsecured, unmanaged, outside-the-bounds corporate IT model — is the bigger worry in this scenario.

As for being more flexible on the bits and pieces of dealing with consumer IT, consider this: Individuals want to use their own familiar workflow. That means that the way they work inside the company should be embraced, because if it’s not embraced, it’s going to become a much, much bigger problem for everyone — particularly the employer.

Communicating efficiently is a good thing. But a great thing is communicating efficiently without compromising sensitive company information! Allowing an over-the-top IT requirement (like forcing complete encryption of an employee’s cell phone) to torpedo that goal is just shooting oneself in the foot. An unencrypted cell phone is, frankly, insignificant when it comes to the risk of employees going rogue on corporate communications.

Let’s not hobble productive people who are only looking to do their work as efficiently as possible.