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Nine Ways Consumers and Organizations Can Protect User Identities (From a Social Point of View)

Axway Chief Security Advisor Taher Elgamal posted on The Huffington Post. Please take a look and share your thoughts!

“As the popularity of social networking sites continues to explode, the potential for identity breaches is greater than ever. Here are critical steps consumers and organisations can take to protect their identities and their users’ identities, respectively, on social networking sites and elsewhere.”

No Barriers for Business Interactions

Axway Chief Security Advisor Taher Elgamal posted a blog post on Please take a look and share your thoughts!

“Most organisations today are going through considerable change and evolution across their IT operations. Elements like virtualisation, cloud computing and mobile computing are now commonplace, which means companies will need to revisit security policy and adapt to a constantly evolving governance and compliance environment.”