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The API Mullet – REST in the Front, SOAP in the Back
Axway’s Mark O’Neill recently posted on Please take a look and share your thoughts!
We all know the old joke about the mullet haircut – beloved by soccer players and 80′s bands – “Business in the front, party in the back.” But how about the API equivalent? The API Mullet is actually something of a reverse mullet. In the front, there is the party side: REST – suited to pizza-fueled hackathons, and quick application hookups. In the back, there is the business side – SOAP – more enterprise-focused, and the basis for B2B formats such as ebXML.

Kevin Paddock, California Department of Technology, on Axway Secure Transport

Join Kevin Paddock, Web Consulting Supervisor & SFT Manager, California Department of Technology, at Axway Connections ’13 for his presentation “Shared Services – The Good, The Bad, The Ugly.”

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SESSION ABSTRACT: Implementing a Shared Service takes planning, perseverance and the ability to react quickly. Join Kevin Paddock (Web Consulting Supervisor & SFT Service Manager at the California Department of Technology) as he provides insight into the implementation of an MFT Shared Service. In this educational session Kevin will cover the top items that must be considered with implementing a shared service based on his experience with Axway Secure Transport.