Ship to API: The America’s Cup Navigates in a Sea of Data

Axway’s VP of Partners & Growth Markets Hugh Carroll and co-author Dave Murphy, Online Marketing Manager, blogged about how APIs play a role in capturing every moment of the America’s Cup on Please take a look and share your thoughts!

Advances in sailing technology over many generations have contributed greatly to man’s navigation of the globe. After all, where would Cook or Columbus have landed without the compass and sextant or the work of the great cartographers that preceded them?

This week, as Team New Zealand faces defending America’s Cup holder Oracle Team USA (yes, that’s Larry Ellison leading America’s defence of the cup) on the foggy waters of San Francisco Bay, the latest generation of sailors are benefiting from the technological advances man has made, not only in the area of composite materials engineering, but in everyday computing in the guise of APIs. But the watching public will also finally be able to appreciate and watch the drama of the race unfold on their TVs and smartphones in a way never before imagined, all courtesy of the data feeds exposed to the media firms via these same APIs.