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Link Enterprise Applications Across Cloud, Mobile, and SOA: Workshop in Boston on 11/14

By Axway

If you’re into enterprise architecture, IT management, identity management architecture, or app development and planning on being anywhere near the renowned University Park at MIT on Thursday, 11/14, you’re in luck — we’re throwing a FREE API workshop at Le Méridien Cambridge-MIT from 8:30 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.! You won’t want to miss it!

Featuring guest customer speakers such as Menno Abbink, Senior Enterprise Architect at Essent; Jérôme Melleard, Architect, French Pensions Services Agency; Rick Smith, Enterprise Architect at British American Tobacco; and Darryl Pollock, Solution Architect at Transgrid, this half-day event is sure to be a terrific opportunity to:

    • Learn reference architectures and best practices for securing and integrating mobile and SOA applications
    • See detailed workshop demos of products that show how and why you can leverage and manage APIs as part of a strategic enterprise engagement strategy
    • Meet and network with your industry peers from leading organizations

And you can expect the demos to show you how to:

    • Create new REST APIs in front of legacy SOAP services (i.e., map from the old to the new)
    • Create cloud mashups with Salesforce
    • Modernize APIs with XML-to-JSON conversion
    • View real-time API usage and investigate trends over time (i.e., “Who’s been using my APIs?”)
    • Enable secure mobile access to enterprise APIs (i.e., OAuth in action)
    • Set usage quotas in order to monetize your APIs (i.e., enable the “Freemium” model)

We’re looking forward to seeing you there! Register now!



WEBINAR — Tuesday, 11/5: Manage APIs, Deepen B2B Relationships and Gain from the API Economy

I’m presenting a webinar with Paolo Malinverno from Gartner on “Linking API Management with B2B” next month. You can register online for the webinar, which takes place on Tuesday November 5 at 8am Pacific Time (11am Eastern, 4pm UK/Ireland, 5pm Central Europe)

The acquisition of Vordel by Axway in late 2012 is deeply related to this topic: Linking API Management with B2B. In fact, Paolo himself mentions in his recommendations at the time of the Vordel acquisition by Axway: “If you are seeking a modern B2B infrastructure, especially in conjunction with API management, evaluate the new Axway offerings; however, keep in mind that the real power will come from deep integration of the two companies’ technologies”. In the webinar, I’ll be talking about this deep integration. For example, I show an example of a single dashboard combining API and B2B traffic, into a central business view of data. I also explain how onboarding of partners can span both API interfaces and more traditional B2B endpoints. This is what we mean by “linking API Management with B2B”.

Now that we are coming up to a year after the Vordel acquisition by Axway, it’s a great time for a checkpoint to see the deep integration which has already been done. This webinar is a great opportunity for the world to see this deep integration, linking B2B with API Management – across user onboarding, policy and identity (the Axway “Passport” integration into the API Gateway), monitoring and analytics.

The acquisition of Vordel by Axway set off a feeding frenzy of acquisition in the API market. But Axway, as first mover, has the headstart. We’ve used this headstart to build out the integration across the products, thus unifying API Management with B2B.

Register free for the webinar 

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