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Systematically protect data and explore private cloud solutions

Some commercially available cloud-based file exchange solutions can automatically enforce data protection policies – based on a combination of file type, keywords in subject lines or body text, and/or destination domain.

This kind of systematic method for identifying information about to exit the company can protect data by ensuring that the proper authorization and/or encryption are applied before it can be sent.

If you find the idea of any information being exchanged through a public cloud solution terrifying, you can explore an alternative private cloud solution that provides the same functionality without any shared infrastructure or co-mingling of files or data. For especially security-conscious organizations that want to provide employees with an easy-to-use, collaborative cloud-based file exchange capability, this is often the best option.

Today, you need to address security concerns stemming from ad hoc file exchange and unstructured collaboration in the cloud. Tomorrow, as more core business systems move to the cloud, more business services will be delivered by third-party providers in addition to in-house IT.

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Externalize authorization in your Axway API Gateway

Andrew Sciberras, Product Manager at ViewDS, recently blogged about “how easily Axway’s API Gateway and ViewDS’s Access Sentinel can integrate, allowing Axway API Gateway users to experience the flexibility of XACML and the ability to perform fine grained attribute based access control.” Please take a look and share!

API Security breaches can cause brand damage, revenue loss, and compliance penalties. Axway API Gateway provides comprehensive API security and pre-built identity management integrations, including an ability to integrate with XACML 3.0 authorization servers such as ViewDS Access Sentinel.

Complicated authorization policies can be abstracted away from the Axway policy configuration to a dedicated Access Sentinel server. Since Access Sentinel is a purpose built solution, it will offer greater ease and flexibility when it comes to managing policies and offer greater performance and scalability when complex authorization rules are required.