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The Gap Between Business Relationship Management and Technical Connectivity

Can your:

  • Customers create solutions that enable partners to quickly join and begin interacting with your trading community in a whole new way?
  • Users design business processes using visual elements depicting human tasks, machine tasks, and sequences of activities?
  • Users create custom forms for collecting, updating, and maintaining information from partners — simply by dragging visual elements onto a canvas?
  • Enterprise enable collaboration with business partners in an on-premise environment, closing the gap between business relationship management and technical connectivity? 


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The Market’s a Loud Room — WORK IT

Doing business in today’s market can be a lot like working a loud room: everyone in the room has a unique relationship — if any — with one another, will forge new relationships amid a host of distractions and competition, and is welcome to interact freely so long as they play by the host’s rules. 

Today’s financial services institutions need to:

  • Be able to interact effectively with clients and partners, no matter what the market conditions may be.
  • Efficiently manage new client and partner onboarding, control access and interactions with internal systems, and comply with regulatory mandates.
  • Control these relationships by creating tactical workflows that ensure the enterprise can interact with all the players and enable the community to manage changes and updates in a self-service fashion.

But how can today’s enterprise customize workflows that govern the flow of data for onboarding, provisioning, partner/customer lifecycle management and communication, certificate lifecycle and endpoint management, and partner/customer migration?

It must seek out an all-in-one, extensible, lightweight solution, one that can quickly develop new workflows and community connections while offering access to financial-institution internal applications.

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