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Shared Services – The Good, the Bad & the Ugly

By John Andrews, Director, Solution Marketing Management, Axway

Before the world jumped on the cloud, there was shared services — a concept that, while it may not describe the current trend, is still relevant and important.

Shared services has long suffered from an identity crisis. Ask five people in IT what it is, and you’ll get five similar yet different answers, which is actually a bigger problem than having five completely different answers!

If we want to discuss what a shared service really is, we need to establish a definition. I arrive upon my definition by combining the definition of “share” and “service.”

  • Share: “have a portion of (something) with another or others”
  • Service: “the action of helping or doing work for someone”

In enterprise-technology terms, then, a shared service is a system (or systems) that provides functionality that helps others do work.

It’s admittedly generic, and maybe not that meaningful, but it is a basis for establishing what a shared service really is.

Are shared services important? Yes. Shared services offer benefits that are similar to those offered by internal cloud deployments or internal hosted services:

  • An overall cost reduction for the organization
  • A consistent method of delivery functionality
  • A way to help employees focus on tasks better suited to their skill sets

What kind of functionality makes sense as a shared service? There are obvious things like HR functionality. Another one that is obvious but less implemented is a managed file transfer shared service. An MFT shared service provides more functionality than a departmental-managed solution.

The benefits of a properly implemented shared service greatly outweigh the drawbacks. What does it take to implement a shared service? Join the Axway webinar on shared services and learn from someone who’s done it.

SecureTransport v5.2: Sending and Receiving files via Ad Hoc

By Axway

“It is, by far, the most user-friendly — and the most secure — version we’ve ever released,” said Chuck Angel, Axway’s senior trainer, who will be demonstrating the all-new SecureTransport v5.2 at Axway Connections ’13.

Whether a user is experienced at enabling their organization to secure, manage, and track the transfer of files with this multi-protocol managed file transfer gateway solution, or they’re simply interested in learning more about what the product can do for them, Angel’s session promises to leave all attendees with a thorough sense of v5.2’s end-user experience, including:

      • Accessing the solution via a web browser
      • Uploading and downloading files
      • Navigating the new interface

Further, attendees will learn exactly why ad hoc file transfer with SecureTransport v5.2 is a far more secure prospect than the method they’re currently using, as well as how the solution guarantees that security.

“If you already love SecureTransport, this session will show you how v5.2 will empower you to do even more with it. And if you’re new to SecureTransport altogether, get ready,” said Angel. “You’re about to look back on all your years of ad hoc file transfers and wonder why you waited so long to make the switch.”