Externalize authorization in your Axway API Gateway

Andrew Sciberras, Product Manager at ViewDS, recently blogged about “how easily Axway’s API Gateway and ViewDS’s Access Sentinel can integrate, allowing Axway API Gateway users to experience the flexibility of XACML and the ability to perform fine grained attribute based access control.” Please take a look and share!

API Security breaches can cause brand damage, revenue loss, and compliance penalties. Axway API Gateway provides comprehensive API security and pre-built identity management integrations, including an ability to integrate with XACML 3.0 authorization servers such as ViewDS Access Sentinel.

Complicated authorization policies can be abstracted away from the Axway policy configuration to a dedicated Access Sentinel server. Since Access Sentinel is a purpose built solution, it will offer greater ease and flexibility when it comes to managing policies and offer greater performance and scalability when complex authorization rules are required.

Create formal, policy-based data-protection rules

According to IDC, the majority of organizations (52.2%) would characterize incidents arising from insider threats as predominately accidental.

But these “accidents” can be just as costly as malicious, intentional attacks, and the easy availability of public cloud collaboration solutions only increases this risk.

That’s why it’s critical that organizations create data-protection rules that inform users about the types of information that can and cannot be readily shared externally.

Simply ensuring that all employees understand and know how to comply with these rules reduces the risk of unintentional data breach or loss due to unsecured file exchange.

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