The Rise of the API Product Manager
Kevin Kohut presents.At the API workshop event in Dallas last Friday, Kevin Kohut from Accenture gave a fascinating talk to a packed room about how to embrace the API economy.

Kevin focused on what it means to be “API first.” He explained how it’s different than “SOA first.” In the world of SOA, the WSDL was the “contact,” but not managed as a product. In “API first,” the API is the “contract” but is also the product. Kevin quantified this in his “API first equation,” which is:

                           ”The API is the contract” + “APIs are a product” = “API first”

Products need a product manager, and APIs are no different. We are starting to see the role of “API Product Manager” emerge. Innovators like Citi now have job postings for an API Product Manager. This person would, using API management, manage the API lifecycle, calibrate rate plans and monetization, and ensure that APIs are aligned with clients.

There is another chance to hear Kevin speak about being “API first” at the API workshop in Atlanta this Thursday, 20 November. All are welcome, and I look forward to some great discussion on the new role of the API Product Manager in the “API first” world.

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DaaS: Hear how Dun & Bradstreet uses APIs for Data-as-a-Service at our API Workshop in Boston on Nov 19

For some companies, embracing the new digital world comes naturally. This is especially true of organizations where data is their main asset. Their business effectively becomes a platform, and they can deploy services to monetize that data to their clients. This is “Data-as-a-Service” (DaaS).

Dun and Bradstreet (D&B) is a great example of this trend. D&B has deployed the very successful D&B Direct API, which services a huge number of clients a day, serving data in a DaaS model.

I’m very pleased to say that Kamron Abtahi, who has the great title of “DaaS Engineer” at Dun and Bradstreet, will be speaking about the D&B Direct API at our API Workshop event in Boston on November 19.

As well as hearing all about DaaS at D&B, we’ll also be walking through OAuth 5.0 and OpenID Connect to Office365, SAML SSO to SalesForce, mobile API scenarios, and HTML5 WebSocket communication. Come along if you’re in the Boston area – it should be a really interesting session. Registration is free. 

(And yes, Boston-savvy folks will point out it’s really in Cambridge not Boston :). But, close enough… )

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