Robust community management

The right MFT solution closes the gap between business relationship management and technical connectivity to help you acquire customers and deliver new services faster.

ƒFast, easy, and secure on-boarding allows you to speed time to market for new services that grow your business. You can automate enrollment processes like subscription, registration, provisioning, testing, and operations, and segment your partners and customers into distinct communities with access to branded, tailored services.

ƒIntuitive business process management capabilities help your line-of-business managers define interactions, quickly respond to requests, and anticipate and plan for changing business conditions.

ƒMulti-channel consistency enables you to maintain the same levels of service over the different networks, protocols, and formats your partners and customers require.

The right vendor will offer managed services for customer and partner enrollment, provisioning of communication endpoints, and more.

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APIs in the Fast Lane

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When it comes to the car of the future, we are actually much further down the road than you might think. Whilst I don’t have a time travelling DeLorean parked around the corner, we have already seen a number of steps in the right direction including self-driving car trials from Google and augmented reality from Audi that will enable us to fix our own cars.

The holdup isn’t the lack of technology, it’s the security issues. The more sophisticated we want our connected cars to be, the more personal information we are going to have to share with them. We are well aware of the benefits satellite navigation can bring but what about a voice controlled car or one that can recommend destinations based on your travel history, or where to shop based on your likes and dislikes.

For many of us, the car forms a part of our everyday lives so it has the potential to become a fantastic tool in our connected ecosystem or a potentially serious safety risk if it falls into the wrong hands. This gives car manufacturers two key challenges to address: driver safety and data safety.