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Are You on the Path to B2B Modernization?

Today’s enterprises are being affected by a number of megatrends, including: 

  • Consumers who enjoy 24/7 connectivity and the ability to thoroughly research any service or product they’re interested in
  • Sophisticated, international business communities that are constantly on the lookout for new markets to exploit and innovative ways to lower costs
  • Unpredictable consumer behavior due to diminished brand loyalty and a wide variety of options
  • Increased pressure across all industries to enhance business agility  

As a result, leading companies are: 

  • Consolidating their legacy systems in order to reduce costs and better manage risk
  • Responding to new market challenges around globalization and supplier-community automation
  • Leveraging new technologies that bring them closer to the customer – anytime, anywhere, using any device
  • Employing innovative ways to integrate and collaborate (e.g., cloud technologies) 

Join IDC and Axway on May 6 for “B2B Collaboration Environments – On the Path to Modernization,” a webinar that will reveal the best integration strategies for improving your business agility in a rapidly changing world. 

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Discover Axway B2Bi, an Advanced B2B Gateway Solution

Integrate business applications with state-of-the-art mapping & orchestration capabilities, react to incidents & non-events in real time, & anticipate business impacts. Download the all-new data sheet and DISCOVER AXWAY B2Bi NOW!

Today’s organizations face a growing need to master and optimize the flow of data throughout the enterprise and deliver complete lifecycle control. Axway 5 Suite delivers a comprehensive way to manage and govern complex data flows, end-to-end, and provide visibility and integration between legacy systems, B2B communities and Cloud and Mobile application enablement. Axway’s B2Bi is an advanced B2B gateway solution and an integral part of the Axway 5 Suite, ensuring information is efficiently integrated between business entities (people, applications, or enterprises), wherever they might be located (cloud or on-premise) in an intelligent, reliable and secure manner.

Paving the way for the consolidation of any existing legacy EDI or B2B system, Axway B2Bi provides a simple way to integrate any B2B transactions and processes with business applications (such as Oracle, SAP and Lawson), with real-time visibility, easy partner on-boarding and configuration, high security and scalability, and built-in system administration.