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An Integration Strategy That Goes Beyond Software

Manufacturers and third-party logistics providers are facing the most complex business environment in history. Globalization, increasing regulation, and volatile consumer demand are making supply chains increasingly complex and difficult to manage.

Additionally, integration issues, file transfer failures, and limited visibility have the potential to grind business to a halt, leading to expensive SLA penalties.

But what about the tactical approach to resolving these challenges in the short-term by implementing additional, loosely coupled point solutions?

It only compounds the problem.

Instead of throwing software and infrastructure at the problem, organizations need a more strategic approach. They need to govern the flow of data and create a B2B center of excellence — the key to enabling smart and efficient supply chains. They need to implement a strategy and solution that includes:

  • Community management
  • Policy management
  • Visibility
  • Integration
  • API management
  • Security 

At my session at GS1, attendees will learn how to create B2B centers of excellence and effectively govern the flow of data to increase supply chain visibility, future-proof technology investments, simplify compliance processes, and enable BYOD, mobile, and cloud integration. They’ll hear real-world customer examples involving some of the world’s biggest supply chains, and they’ll learn about the solutions that the convergence of managed file transfer, B2B integration, and API management technology has led to.

Ahead of the session, please feel free to tweet any questions you may have to @Axway. I look forward to seeing you there!

Title: B2B Center of Excellence: How Companies Have Improved Supply Chain Visibility, SLAs, and Compliance
Track: Technology
Schedule: June 10, 2014 05:45 PM – 06:05 PM
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Are You on the Path to B2B Modernization?

Today’s enterprises are being affected by a number of megatrends, including: 

  • Consumers who enjoy 24/7 connectivity and the ability to thoroughly research any service or product they’re interested in
  • Sophisticated, international business communities that are constantly on the lookout for new markets to exploit and innovative ways to lower costs
  • Unpredictable consumer behavior due to diminished brand loyalty and a wide variety of options
  • Increased pressure across all industries to enhance business agility  

As a result, leading companies are: 

  • Consolidating their legacy systems in order to reduce costs and better manage risk
  • Responding to new market challenges around globalization and supplier-community automation
  • Leveraging new technologies that bring them closer to the customer – anytime, anywhere, using any device
  • Employing innovative ways to integrate and collaborate (e.g., cloud technologies) 

Join IDC and Axway on May 6 for “B2B Collaboration Environments – On the Path to Modernization,” a webinar that will reveal the best integration strategies for improving your business agility in a rapidly changing world. 

And for a preview of some of the concepts that’ll be covered, download the brand-new white paper now!