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Is your integration vendor developing products designed to meet your strategic integration and governance requirements, or theirs?

If your vendor has announced a dramatic shift in direction, such as 100% outsourcing to the cloud, you could a) be pressured to adopt an integration paradigm that benefits your vendor, but doesn’t work for your business or meet your particular regulatory/governance requirements; and/or b) get stuck with an outdated integration product that languishes on your vendor’s R&D back burner. And if you hit a scalability wall, then what?

Either way, when your vendor stops actively investing in solutions that address your top concerns and future requirements, you do not have the agile foundation you need in order to:

  • Adapt to changes in technologies, standards, and government regulations. Your integration and governance product may seem comprehensive and secure now, but can it keep up with the ever-evolving technologies, standards, and regulations that impact your business ecosystem? For example, how does your current vendor handle API, mobile, cloud, and other evolving integration and governance technology requirements?
  • Modernize, consolidate, and scale your integration and governance infrastructure. Will your environment be able to keep pace with changing business conditions, new data paths like mobile and BYOD, and exponential growth of data volumes as your business continues to evolve and expand over the next 5-10 years? The last thing you need is to be close to maximum capacity and then have to rely on a sluggish vendor to move fast enough to handle expected — let alone unexpected — spikes in data volume. The bottom line is that if your vendor can’t scale quickly — or at all — then they aren’t set up to support the continued growth and success of your business.

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Are You on the Path to B2B Modernization?

Today’s enterprises are being affected by a number of megatrends, including: 

  • Consumers who enjoy 24/7 connectivity and the ability to thoroughly research any service or product they’re interested in
  • Sophisticated, international business communities that are constantly on the lookout for new markets to exploit and innovative ways to lower costs
  • Unpredictable consumer behavior due to diminished brand loyalty and a wide variety of options
  • Increased pressure across all industries to enhance business agility  

As a result, leading companies are: 

  • Consolidating their legacy systems in order to reduce costs and better manage risk
  • Responding to new market challenges around globalization and supplier-community automation
  • Leveraging new technologies that bring them closer to the customer – anytime, anywhere, using any device
  • Employing innovative ways to integrate and collaborate (e.g., cloud technologies) 

Join IDC and Axway on May 6 for “B2B Collaboration Environments – On the Path to Modernization,” a webinar that will reveal the best integration strategies for improving your business agility in a rapidly changing world. 

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