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Enterprise IT Insights for the Internet of Things

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Since the advent of the smartphone—brief as its introduction was in 1992 with IBM’s Simon; complete in its ubiquity with Apple’s 2007 iPhone launch—computers have taken over as the operation centers of our most commonly used devices. Today, the most current cars, refrigerators, thermostats, washers, dryers, ovens, televisions and more don’t rely on wiring, but rather depend on programming to operate. Internet of Things (IoT) devices have Application Programming Interfaces (APIs), which enable remote management and connectivity. Through these APIs, they can interoperate. The IoT holds the promise of a world where, for instance, a thermostat equipped with motion sensor technology can connect to a home or business network, receive constant updates on the outside temperature, adjust indoor room temperature automatically by controlling heating and cooling systems through APIs … and tell the coffee maker to turn on when someone walks into the kitchen. Connected cars already offer APIs for remote unlocking and location services. And the list goes on; the IoT is already here. By enabling this level of interconnectivity, the IoT promises the highest degree of efficiency in terms of time and energy in our daily lives, as well as the closest levels of machine-to-machine, person-to-machine and person-to-person connectivity the world has ever known. But to make these connections positive and productive, the IoT has to be secure. In its infancy, it simply has not yet achieved the necessary level of security. Hack upon hack into smart devices, their applications and the networks on which they run prove the IoT has holes. The holes exist at the level of the APIs that form the backbone of these interconnections. Patching the holes at the API level is the key to overcoming these security hurdles and achieving success in today’s IoT landscape.

Enforcing HIPAA on and other Cloud Services

I had the pleasure of meeting several healthcare colleagues in the last couple weeks at various conferences. One thing quickly became apparent to me during our discussions: cloud-based applications (, most noticeably) are being adopted throughout healthcare organizations. Everyone is excited about:

  • The benefits these SaaS-based applications will offer the business without taxing IT 
  • The fact that SaaS applications are reducing the time to deployment of new applications throughout the enterprise

Still, everyone seemed to keep asking the following question: How do you enforce security and HIPAA policies on SaaS applications while safeguarding your customer data? This is an important question given that 69 percent of hospitals don’t have the proper controls and policies to detect and respond to breaches.

It inspired me to host a webinar where we can:

  • Hear from an Axway field expert about how customers deal with their challenges
  • Share customer strategies for enforcing security policies on cloud-based applications such as, Google Apps, SuccessFactors, and Amazon WebServices
  • Address single sign-on (SSO) across multiple SaaS applications and versions

Join us on April 16th, 2:00 p.m. EST, and get ready to learn how to handle compliance and security issues when dealing with cloud-based applications. Also, be sure to come with your organization’s toughest questions and challenges: our expert will give you advice live! Register now!