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If You’re an Omni-Channel Retailer, Be Sure to Get This Right

The omni-channel retailer is a connected user, much like the tech-savvy consumer who orders their product with a branded smartphone app. The difference is that the tech-savvy consumer won’t be responsible for the fallout of a data breach if the right API management solution isn’t in place, but the omni-channel retailer will.

Consider an omni-channel retailer like a pizza joint, who pushes the consumer experience via as many avenues as possible, including street signs, TV and radio spots, direct mail flyers, website banner ads, and mobile apps. If they subscribe to a geo-based advertising service offered by a cellular provider and receive data about the consumers who are seeing their pop-up ads, how will they be able to correlate that data with the mobile-app data they’re already receiving from the consumers’ smartphones and compiling on a back-end system?

The answer: an API management solution. It’s the nexus that enforces identity management and securely submits the consumer’s buying-habit data to the retailer’s customer-loyalty systems.

If you’re an omni-channel retailer attending the Supply Chain Operations Private Exposition (SCOPE) April 13 – 15 in Chicago, and any of the above has struck a chord with you, stop by Booth #105 and we’ll see if the right API management solution can give your retail enterprise the edge it’s been looking for.




Is Mobile Changing the CPG Supply Chain Forever?

I recently contributed an article to Please take a look and share your thoughts!

Having the right connectivity and integration capabilities in place for mobile devices may be more important for consumer packaged goods (CPG) than any other industry. Why? Because of the diverse set of channels they sell through – retail, online, distribution, wholesale and direct-to-consumer – CPG organizations are doing more business via mobile than ever before. It’s no longer just direct-to-consumer and retail organizations using mobile technology. And now that all these channels are increasingly interacting with mobile devices, it has become critical that they find a surefire way to control and secure the data being exchanged.